unfailing love
unfailing love
Married to the man of my dreams! I couldnt ask for anything better then what God has given me.<3

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But you love him

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Usually when people do that “you’re special” crap I tend to roll my eyes.

But when Mister Rogers said it…


That’s because Mister Rogers meant it.

Mister Rogers genuinely cared about everyone and that’s why he will forever be the best. All of my feels.

True fact: He was considered to be one of the hardest people to interview, because he would turn it around and ask questions about the interviewer with genuine interest. Asking about their children and spouses, their dreams of the future, etc.

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me whispering to my dog in the dark: hey.. you still up?

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I need to have as much wild sex as possible so one day I can become an inappropriate old lady that blurts out things like “when I was your age I got a concussion after being bent over a desk” and then my family can be like “grandma please, you’re making easter dinner really uncomfortable” and it’ll be great

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listen, Nickelodeon. If you wanna get your ratings back to an all time high, just make a series about Drake & Josh in college. Do it. Just fucking do it.

just fucking do it.

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michael cera for best actor

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It’s not always about sex, sometimes the best type of intimacy is where you just lay back, laugh together at the stupidest things, hold each other, and enjoy each others’ company.
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AdamPhotographed on the set of Flicker, FadeLos Angeles, CaliforniaJanuary, 2014
Photograph by Megan Thompson


Photographed on the set of Flicker, Fade
Los Angeles, California
January, 2014

Photograph by Megan Thompson

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im laughing so much a group of really loud boys sat down next to us in mcdonalds and one of them just picked up his burger and said to his friends “i bet i can put this whole thing in my mouth” and my mom turned to me and said “well we know who the gay one is” and they heard her and none of them have said a word since

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